#1 针对广告账户被封、BM被封、投放权限受限

Hello Facebook Ads Team, 
I understand that my ad account has been deactivated for Policy Violations, and I want to apologize for any lack of misunderstanding on my part as it is my #1 Goal to be 100% compliant with Facebook's advertising policies. 
I want to make sure my customers and Facebook users get a positive experience at all times. 
My intention is not to mislead or misdirect anyone and I would love help in making sure that doesn’t happen with my ads 
That being said, I would like to have a full review of my account in hopes that it can be reactivated. 
I understand that Facebook is well within its rights to deactivate any account for policy violation, and I would appreciate it very much if you could explain to me which policies I have violated so that I can correct them. 
I've taken a look at my ads over and over again, but I can't see which of my ads are in violation. I believe they are compliant with Facebook's standards. 
For example: 
I have a working landing page and my ads do not show any broken functionality. 
I have no before and after pictures that might project a negative self-image. I'm not promoting illegal products or prohibited goods. 
I'm not making assertions about personal attributes. 
I'm not promoting MLM, counterfeit documents, or spyware. 
I'm not making misleading claims, referencing controversial content, or using profanity. 
I'm not using automatic animation or using techniques to hide the content of my destination pages.
I understand that you cherish your users and want to give them the best user experience, and I do not want to negatively affect their view of your company. 
please review my account and let me know what I need to do fix it to be 100% compliant so that I can avoid any future policy violations. 
Thank You

#2 同上

I was informed that my ad account has been disabled because it doesn't follow your Advertising Policies. 
I understand that Facebook wants to give the best user experience for its users and don't want to show ads that mislead, or give any false claim. 
my #1 goal is to comply and make sure my customers and facebook users get a positive experience at all times. 
My intention is not to mislead or misdirect anyone and I would love help in making sure that doesn’t happen with my ads. 
I understand that my ads may not be compliant and I apologize for my lack of understanding of your policies. my #1 goal moving forward is to stay within your policies. 
I appreciate if your team can tell me what to do to make my ads compliant so that I can fix the issue and make sure that it does not happen again in the future. 
Thank you

#3 简短模式

Hello Facebook ad team, 
We are an ad Agency. We have gone through your guidelines over and over again to see which policy we aren't compliant. 
We are doing our very best to be compliant and to follow your guidelines. however, we cannot tell where we are violating the ad policy. 
We are not using any offensive language or content in our ads. It isn't MLM or anything related to that. We do not use more than 20% text. Our landing page is relevant and includes a privacy policy, terms of service and a contact page. 
We have done every possible solution to not violate your ad policy. Please let us know what we must do to get this ad running for our client. 
Thank you.


  1. 我们是广告代理商,我们一遍又一遍地读了政策,但是依然不知道为什么哪里违规。
  2. 我们正在尽最大努力做到合规并遵守您的准则。但是,我们依然不知道在哪里违反广告政策。
  3. 我们没有在广告中使用任何令人反感的语言或不当内容。没有任何恶意引导,我们使用的文字不超过20%。我们的目标网页是相关的,包括隐私政策,服务条款和联系页面。
  4. 我的第一目标是要遵守facebook社区政策。
  5. 我想确保我的客户和Facebook用户始终获得积极的体验。
  6. 我的目的不是要误导任何人,并且希望能确保我的广告不会发生这种情况。
  7. 请告诉我该怎么做才能使我的广告合规,我会积极配合。
  8. 永远不要争论或提任何类似的事情……
  9. 我的广告没有问题。
  10. 我不认为xxxx



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